Before and After photographs

Below are some examples of Cluttergone's real-life decluttering and organising. None of the 'before' or 'after' photos are staged.

Cathy and her daugher were struggling with clutter in their dining room.



The dining table was buried under an assortment of craft items, books, papers and carrier bags.
The main culprit was paperback novels - we filled six boxes. These are due to be donated to charity if not read within six months!

Cathy wrote to us in an email a few days later.

'I thought I'd say how pleased I am with Cluttergone's help in getting back my floor - my daughter and I can eat at the table and there is no more tripping over things.  It certainly was worth it!

My motivation has come back and now I can do bit every day to keep it up. Since you came I have done two more bags of clutter for charity shop.

Thanks ever so much.  I will ask for your help again for the garage which is full of clutter!'

Think you might need some help, but not quite sure of what to expect?

Find out exactly what happens during a decuttering session in How it works.


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