Before and After - Spare room



Barbara had abandoned her spare bedroom, it even had a sign on the door that read 'Do not enter'.   Her original plan was to use the room as an office but she had ended up using her lap downstairs where it was more comfortable. 

'I am so embarassed' she said, 'I had guests to stay at Christmas, I've got two unused rooms upstairs, but there was nowhere for them to sleep because of this clutter and mess'.

'Ah', Barbara exclaimed, 'I've been looking for that!'.  It was her birth certificate. 'I had to send off for a duplicate because I couldn't find it.

In just over four hours we had finished the room, we'd even sorted through the drawers in the filing cabinet. 

There were still a couple of boxes that had to be gone through, which Barbara was happy to manage these on her own. Most of the books ended up on shelf on the other side of screeen, out of shot.

Barbara said 'I'm going to sell the office furniture and turn this back into a proper bedroom!  It's such a relief to have got this room done, I could never have managed to declutter this on my own!'


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