Test yourself!

On this page you'll find a mixture of tests, surveys and a quiz. 

Some are fun and others are a bit more serious, but they are all designed to make you think about your clutter - perhaps in different ways to what you would expect!

NEW!!! Take our latest survey....

This one asks about Your children and their clutter

p.s. they are all completely anonymous!

Here's some more....

Takes just one minute!

All ONE easy question

At what age did clutter become a problem for you?
When did it all go wrong for you with clutter?
Do you think you CAN declutter?
What clutter type are you?

 2 - 3 minutes

Does clutter affect the time you spend at home?
Are you avoiding your clutter? 

Without clutter how would your life change?
Not for the faint-hearted! Be brave!

Do you like staying in hotels?
Does your behaviour change in different situations?

This one asks about your childhood home
Has the past had an effect your clutter?

Which came first, the clutter or the depression?

Do you have a lot of presents?
This test asks about clutter and giving...

What do you feel has caused you to clutter?
Ask yourself the question

What's holding you back from clearing your clutter?
Needs some thought!

This one is designed to really make you think!  It's about something you want to sell...

  5 - 10 minutes

Have life events and circumstances lead you to clutter?

Take the Wade-Bennett life-clutter test and find out your score

Where's your clutter?

Light-hearted. Complete our clutter checklist and find out where you need to declutter and organise.

 So that's enough thinking!  Just one question!

What are you GOING TO DO RIGHT NOW to clear your clutter?

Not quite enough time?  Then why don't you come back another day?  Save us to your favourites hit 'ctrl' and D at the same time. 

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