Gunna Finnsdottir

Gunna Finnsdottir is Icelandic and came to London in order to study, then put down roots and stayed.

After training and working as a Graphic Designer, she went on to teach the subject at University level for twelve years.  Building students’ confidence in order for them to fulfil their creative potential has been an important part of her teaching.

She has also had experience and success in developing several properties, planning how to make the most of dilapidated buildings and turning them into attractive and valuable properties. Along the way she has also worked as a kitchen designer.


More recently, Gunna has worked as a manager at a drop-in centre, and for many years has run groups and workshops.

Gunna is enthusiastic, a warm and sympathetic listener and gets a lot of satisfaction from helping people improve their quality of life through de-cluttering.  Gunna says 'I fully understand how overwhelming it can be when clutter gets out of hand and the impact it can have on life'.

She holds an 'Enhanced Disclosure' CRB certificate.

Gunna lives on the Surrey / South West London border and covers London, Surrey, Berkshire, Oxfordshire and some of Hampshire.  This includes the towns of Guildford, Reading and Oxford.

Gunna is not available for decluttering at the moment.


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