We have many one off or short-term clients, people who have a loft, cupboard or garage that needs sorting. Often, we are able to help them with just one visit.

However, some clients have more complicated requirements that can't be completed in one or two visits.  They ask for a more long-term relationship with one of our consultants.

Why? Clearing a home of 'excess' can take a long time. Doing it is both boring and very tiring.  People can find it hard because of physical or emotional difficulties.

  • Our clients say that regular appointments with us keep them on track.
  • We contribute physical energy - crawling under beds, carrying things up and down stairs and bundling up rubbish
  • We listen.  Often we provide a sounding board for people to verbally process.
  • We encourage, when between visits, a client clears a shelf, organises a drawer or throws a bag away, things that ordinary people might regard as trivial - we cheer.
  • We provide 'chat' and a few laughs
  • We fold laundry and pause occasionally for a companionable cuppa.

There is absolutely no-need to commit to a long-term relationship.  At the end of the working day we'll ask you if you would like to book another session. The minimum session time is three hours.

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