More cartoons

What needs to get done first: dishes or laundry

Dishes or laundry. Dishes or laundry. Dishes or laundry.


........or the pub                       

Hi Cyan, I was wondering if you could help me with this form.  And I've got a few questions about an application too. But I can't seem to find it. And where did I put that form? OK I'll write notes on another sheet...    Now....where's my pen? Ah there's the application!      ......hello?         

All these need sorting and sticking in albums. The videos I think are trash, I can give away. I don't wear these any more. It gets incredibly messy when you tidy up.

You goths are lucky.
... You don't have to tidy up when you have guests...
You can just switch off the lights and blame it on your image.
You sussed it?                

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