National Press

Cluttergone features regularly in the national press. 

Daily Express

Wave goodbye to your bad clutter habits for ever Beverly Wade has some top advice on how to sort out your life in this full page feature - 19 October 2009

Master the art of throwing out - Discover some easy ways to clear your house of clutter and free your mind.  - 2 April 2009

Break that clutter cycle - a another full page feature. Why on earth do we acquire things to make ourselves feel better? We discover what is behind your collecting by asking the experts for advice - 9 February 2009


The Guardian

Storage wanted for children's old things - an expert answer in the 'Space solves' series - 28 March 2009

Daily Telegraph

Health: Why a spring clean is good for you!  A great article on how a cluttered home can affect your mental heath.  Cluttergone is listed as professional declutterers - 7 April 2008

Sunday Telegraph

Make the move and leave your worries behind. It's quite small print, so magnify it to 200%  - 2 December 2007

The Independent

Give it the chop: there's  no place for sentiment..... A brief mention by Emma Townshend - 21 January 2007

Sunday Express Magazine

'Honey, I decluttered the Kid' by Christine Fieldhouse (Extract)- 28 January 2007

 ....Beverly had even allowed Jack to keep a threadbare blanket left over from his baby days, still known as 'Square Blankie'. But, she said, Jack's room hadn't been cluttered as much as disorganised.  And just as we adults hold on to possesions for sentimental reasons, so do children.  Which is when I realised her secret: Beverly had treated Jack and his emotions with respect, and in return he would listen to what she said.


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