Take this simple two-part quiz to find out how overwhelmed by clutter you are!

There is no scoring on this – it’s just an aid to help you identify your areas of clutter and disorganisation.

Part 1 – How organised are you?

You have 10 minutes, how many of the following could you find?

  • A bank statement from exactly six months ago

  • Your P60 (if you are employed) or a completed tax return (if self-employed) for the last tax year

  • A week’s worth of clean underwear

  • Vaccination certificate

  • TV Licence

  • Blank envelope and stamp

  • Spare front door key

  • Needle & black thread

  • Candle & matches
  • Passport

  • Part 2 - How cluttered are you?

    How many of the following do you have in the house?

    • More than one basket of clean clothes waiting to be put away

    • A free CD or DVD from a newspaper you will never play

    • More than one set of gardening/decorating clothes

    • Curtains from a previous home that you’ve never used

    • A filing / storage system bought but never used

    • A pile of magazines that has been there for months

    • Christmas cards sent to you last year (excludes those that are very precious!)

    • Several nearly empty notebooks, bought in an attempt to get organised

    • More than three half-used bottles of shampoo

    • A worn towel with a hole in it

    • Clothes that make you feel fat or ugly

    • A skirt or pair of trousers that haven’t fitted for over 3 years

    • Bed linen that doesn’t fit any of the beds in the house

    • More than four loads of laundry waiting to be washed

    • A half-finished sewing project that you will never finish

    • Drawers that are empty

    • Pictures that you have never hung on the wall

    • Creased, used wrapping paper

    • A single earring (the other is lost or broken)

    • A pair of shoes you’ve never worn because they are too tight

    • An empty jewellery box

    • Out of date prescription medicine

    • Any of the following that you never use – bread maker, juicer, food processor or a sandwich maker

    • Exercise video or equipment you have never used, or just once or twice

    • Dead batteries

    • More than five take-away menus

    • More than one ‘spare’ pair of spectacles

    • An ornament or picture given as a gift you dislike

    • Expensive make-up you never use

    • A pot from a dead houseplant

    • Old Lampshades


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