It's for someone I support at work

Are you a Social Care Worker, Support Worker or Service Manager in the community?

Do you work for a support agency, an advisory service, or in environmental health?  Then this is the page you need to read.

The fact that you've reached this page probably means that you are looking to help someone you support who is sufferering from cluttering or hoarding issues.

Straightforward FAQs

Let's get some of the simple stuff out of the way....

What exactly do you do? We provide a hands-on decluttering and organising service.  This is how we work with a long-term client. We do not work in eviction situations.

Are you a charity?  No. You will need to find funding for our services. 

What are your prices?

Can you make an assessment visit?  No. You will need to finance a short decluttering session at a cost of £150 plus travel costs.

Does my service user need to be there during a session? Yes. We require engagement and committment from a client for the process to work.

How long does it take? For a hoarding situation, we recommend a series of at least six decluttering sessions. It will probably take much, much longer.

Do you work in team? No. It is usually one-to-one.

Do you remove the rubbish? No. You will need to make your own arrangements.

Do you clean as well? We'll do a little light cleaning, that's all. You are better off using a cleaning company.

Do you work in squalor? No. There are specialist 'extreme cleaning' companies who deal with these challenging situations.

Do you work in my area? We cover most of England.

Can you help my team learn more about hoarding? At the moment we do not offer group training.

Do you have a brochure? All the information you need is online.

Are your consultants DBS checked? Yes.


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