Declutter Tips

You asked for it and here it is.... hints and tips on how to make your life easier and more efficient!  I'll also add in credited tips from professional organisers.


People buy lots of things to keep shoes in - plastic boxes, hanging canvas shoe shelves and floor racks. 

But the easiest, the cheapest and the most efficient way of storage is the original shoe box

Pictures of the shoes can be taped to the outsides, for the fashionista touch and most important: They can be stacked!

Chrystine Bennett - Professional Organiser



To avoid keeping collections of products in the bathroom, make sure you only get out a new bottle of shampoo once you've finished (and thrown away) the old one! 

Rachael Hymas - Professional Organiser

Great tip Rachael!  If you already have a collection of opened bottles opened, take a few moments to throw away those that are nearly empty ones and store the ones you aren't using away from the bathroom. Beverly - Cluttergone


When you go shopping, question "Do I really need it?"  If you do - can you really afford it?  Is there anything in my house that could be used instead?. Help the planet, your carbon footprint and your wallet!

Liz Pritchard - Professional Organiser


When keeping instruction booklets, staple the receipt to the inside cover, you will then know the purchase date and whether it is within the guarantee period.  I always used to keep my manuals and receipt separately. Such a simple idea. 

Jackie Lee  - Ongar, Essex

Further to Jackie's tip, I always rip out the foreign languages pages from user manuals - they then take up less space. Beverly - Cluttergone


Keep a supply of change in a small pot or basket near the front door.  That way you will always have some coins handy for charity collections or to take out with you to pay for parking.

Beverly - Cluttergone


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