It's morning and it's time to get ready to go out.  You step over a mountain of discarded clothes, and edge your way towards a bulging cupboard. Stare blankly at your wardrobe.  Oh dear, can't find anything you want anything you want to wear.  Put on identical clothes to yesterday. Sigh. Life has got to be better than this!

Do you watch those style makeover TV shows and dream of a whole new look?  Would you love Gok Wan or Trinny and Susannah to take you in hand?

So although you would love to hire a stylist, YOU WOULDN’T DARE LET THEM see the state of your closets.



* You feel a bit ashamed of the state of your cupboards and drawers
* The wardrobe is so packed so tight that the doors won’t shut!
* There are clothes absolutely everywhere and your shoes are scattered all over the house!
* You couldn't possibly let anyone see your size 12, size 14, Size 18 and 20 wardrobe collection. Of course, only one set fits.
* Your life is so busy you’ve got no time to trail around the shops to buy what they suggest, anyway!

Cluttergone can help.

We offer a complete wardrobe, styling and shopping service for people just like you!

We will help you streamline and reorganise your closets establishing a system for clean, ironed clothes.  Then help you to find your own personal fashion style with outfits ready to wear and suitable for any occasion.

This service comprises four different phases: Decluttering, Sourcing, Styling and Shopping.



Working together with our declutter consultant you will get your clothes tidy, organised, streamlined and back into functioning order.

When the basic decluttering is finished we suggest that you have at least a few days 'breather'.  Then we can move on to the fun stuff -  the 'styling' phase.


By now our expert stylist Chrystine Bennett will know you - the type of life you lead and your style aspirations.  She will help you find those ‘gems’ that were hiding under all the junk, the things that can become the basis of your new look.  Here's what you will be doing: 

* Trying on and looking at your current outfits

* Thinking about potential outfits
* Deciding what needs to be bought
* Taking measurements and sizes
* Setting a shopping budget


Chrystine will then spend time on her own sourcing garment possibilities in store.  She'll ask the shops to 'hold' the selections ready for the next exciting phase.


This will be no girly day out leisuringly browsing, but a concise planned trip to pre-selected stores.  It should take no longer than two hours - unless you want it to, of course!

So there you are ...ready to face any occasion in fantastic outfits, feeling GREAT!

I am really, really pleased with the result of our wardrobe and shopping sessions - though I haven't had time to re-try everything yet.... at least I managed to show some of our loot to my husband.

Many thanks again also for all the things you taught me - including the
Japanese T-shirt folding and the fact that I can/should/need to be myself
even when I'm in ‘smart’ dress - I always used to call it ‘dressing up’,
because that's how it felt to me - like I was pretending to be someone
else!.  You made me realise that it doesn't have to be that way.  Very

I’ve finally come to appreciate the difference that wearing clothes you look and feel good in can make to your overall confidence! It has taught me a lot about my attitude to clothes. I think, in the past, I had thrown out the baby with the bathwater: because I was brought up to dismiss fashion addicts and people who are obsessed with clothes, I’d ended up dismissing taking an interest in clothes and looks altogether. Two completely different things!

So many thanks again. You’ve really opened my eyes to a completely new way of thinking about clothes.

And I'll always go clothes shopping first thing in the morning on a weekday from now on...

Elizabeth, Translator ....after a 1 hour styling and half day shopping session.         

Charges for each phase

Decluttering £40 for first three hours of the session, followed by £35ph

Styling £50 per hour

Sourcing £35 per hour

Shopping £50 per hour

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