Radio 4

Our Consultant Chrystine Bennett features on Radio 4

'There's more here than I thought' -  BBC Radio 4, 28 April 2009 at 11.30am

Four years ago, Chrystine was asked by her then 88 year old cousin to help clear her house. Chrystine’s cousin has been living in the house for more than 55 years and it was full. Her things were mixed together with those of her aunt, Winifred Gill who had shared the house for more than 25 years.

Chrystine sorted and organised letters, papers and diaries, more and more of Winifred’s life emerged. One archive box eventually became 18. Winifred Gill ran the Omega shop for the Bloomsbury group, made wood and lino prints, wrote poetry which was published, worked on the Lake Mere archeological dig, taught for the University Settlement movement in Bristol and Manchester, and did audience research and broadcasting for the BBC.


Winifred Gill

Throughout her long life she wrote and received hundreds of letters. All these strands were very confusing. The libraries and collections that Chrystine contacted didn’t know what to make of it all. In the end, The Bodleian Library said yes. By this time, Chrystine was working with Beverly and Cluttergone. One of her clients, a BBC Radio 4 producer thought Winifred’s story and how her archive came to be accepted by The Bodleian would make a good radio programme.

Missed the programme? You can listen again for up to a week, on the Radio 4 website.

An exhibition of Winifred Gill's work is being shown as part of the 'Beyond Bloomsbury: designs of the Omega workshops' at the Courtauld Gallery which runs from 18 June to 20 September 2009.


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