Cluttergone - Declutter and Organise Service 

Let us help you declutter your home and put a spring back in your step.

Would you like to get organised, declutter and enjoy life? Then we are here to help. Our team cover most parts of England and some parts of Wales and Scotland. 

Cluttergone provides an expert, experienced and practical declutter and organise service.

With over sixteen years in business, we are the largest and most experienced decluttering company in the UK.

Are you overwhelmed by clutter? Feeling disorganised, depressed or out of control? Just can't face tackling your clutter on your own? Then we would be delighted to be able to assist you. Whether you have just a little clutter or a lot, we are here to help. We help with any kind of clutter including paperwork, clothes, books, toys etc.

If you need a reason to declutter, let me give you one major purpose - quite simply it's to FEEL BETTER!

Of course there are many other benefits. You could also.....

  • Get back control of your life
  • Gain more physical space
  • Be less stressed, because you can find things
  • Feel calmer and more relaxed
  • Be able to clean properly
  • Stop being embarrassed by clutter
  • Feel able to move on in life

We're jumping with joy!

We are truly proud to be able to tell you that Cluttergone has now worked with over 1,000 individual clients.

That's more than a thousand people just like you that have struggled with clutter!

Find out how our decluttering works.....

Where we work

Our team of declutter consultants work throughout England covering London, the South, the South East, the South West of England, North Wales, the Midlands and the North of England and the Scottish Borders.

Find the consultant nearest to you in where we work

Intrigued? Then contact our friendly team for a FREE informal chat about how we can help you with decluttering and organising.

Telephone: 01702 527821
Mobile: 07812 769911
Our phones are answered between 9am-6pm every day.
If we don't answer your call during working hours, it's probably because we are out decluttering with a client. PLEASE leave a message as we really do want to talk to you and promise to call you as soon as we can. It's usually within a few hours.

It would be really helpful if you could include your phone number, the town where you live and a little information about your situation.

If you need to contact us out of office hours, please email.


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