Before and After

Below are some examples of Cluttergone's real-life decluttering and organising. None of the 'before' or 'after' photos are staged.


A bedroom


Katy is a fashion design student and
part-time waitress who was trying to keep on top of the passion of her life ....clothes.  The floor of this room was covered a foot deep with clothes, shoes and handbags


The clothes that didn't fit or were dated were bagged up for charity, along with five bags of rubbish. 

The items were then sorted by category - jackets, tops, bottoms, shoes and handbags, and finally by season.



The out of season items were moved to another room, leaving space to store the remaining garments.

This whole task was accomplished in six hours hard work.

Katy said 'I feel like crying - it makes me so happy, having my room back!'

Just think - it could be your home that has a real-life makeover! 

Take a look at our range of our declutter services and see the different ways we can help you.

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