It's for someone else!

Are you are in the difficult situation of knowing someone who struggles with clutter?  Maybe it's a family member or friend? Perhaps they are coping with depression or hoarding issues?  

This is a very common situation.  Have a chat with them to let them know that there are professional and non-judgemental experts who are willing to help.  Suggest that they look at the website and see for themselves how clutter clearing works! 

As professionals we are only able to help those who are prepared to ACCEPT OUR HELP.  What we can't do is clear someone's home whilst they are away or without their permission.

If someone else's compulsive hoarding is affecting you, please bear in mind the teaching of Al-Anon 'I can't control it, I can't cure it, I didn't cause it'. 

Depending on the severity of the situation you might find it useful to read our pages on hoarding and squalor.

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