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This is a very boring page, but it is very important, so if you are thinking of booking, do take a moment to read on.

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General information about a session

Clutter clearing can be both physically and emotionally demanding, so during a session we will need to break occasionally for a few minutes.  If you could provide a simple lunch such a sandwich, that would be appreciated. There will be no charge for any long breaks.

If you agree, we would also like to take ‘before-and-after’ photographs. These would only be reproduced for publicity purposes with your permission.

Terms and Conditions

Confidentiality and Privacy

Cluttergone is a personal and confidential service.  Client details will not be disclosed to any third party without your written consent. 

Any testimonial, comment or photograph provided by clients for publicity material are reproduced with the knowledge and consent of the client concerned. 


Cluttergone undertakes to make reasonable endeavours in providing advice and encouragement in the decluttering and organising process. Ultimately, it is the client’s decision whether to keep items or to let them go. Cluttergone can accept no responsibility for the actions the client takes on the basis of that advice or encouragement, or their consequences, whether this be at any subsequent or future date following engagement or consultation.

As Cluttergone are not valuers of art or other items of special value or rarity, the client acknowledges on engaging Cluttergone that they, the client accept responsibility for either keeping or letting go of any such items.  Clients are advised to seek their own valuations of any items.

Cluttergone handle items with care.  In the case of accidental damage or loss, howsoever caused, the client acknowledges that Cluttergone will not be held liable for any losses or damages howsoever caused in our engagement.

Session Value

An on-site session is between three and eight hours duration, unless otherwise agreed with the client.


Cancellations are sometime unavoidable.  However, the client agrees that if they cancel an appointment giving less than three working days notice this may, at the discretion of Cluttergone, result in a charge for any costs incurred.  The cancellation charge may be up to 50% of the agreed session value, payable in full within 14 days of the original scheduled appointment.  At our discretion, we may agree to credit this payment against your account if the work is re-scheduled to start within three months of such cancellation.


If you engage us to work at a particular location and access is restricted, we reserve the right to charge for the lost time and our expenses.

Payment Terms

The charges for our services and travel costs will be levied at the agreed price following a telephone conversation or consultation. 

Payment is requested at the end of each session for the services and products provided.  Payment is accepted by cash or cheque made payable to ‘J Kingston’.  Our bank details are also available on request for BACs payments.

Some jobs lasting longer than a day may involve further expenses in addition to our service and travel charges. Such further expenses will not be incurred without the prior approval of the customer. Examples of such further  expenses include, but are not limited to, accommodation and subsistence.


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