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For details of our Consultants please refer to our Team page. 

Cluttergone is a professional declutter and organise service covering London, the South, the South East, the South West of England, North Wales, the Midlands, the North of England and Scottish Borders. More about where we work.

Cluttergone was launched by the founder Beverly Wade in January 2005. Over the years the business has expanded steadily and we now have several Consultants covering most parts of England and some parts of Wales and Scottish Borders. Cluttergone is happy to announce that Jo Kingston is now the proud owner with over 10 years experience of helping people declutter.

'Professional Organising' has been around for several decades in the United States, but what Cluttergone do is DIFFERENT, we call it CLUTTER CLEARING.

It's not only about creating SYSTEMS and ORGANISING, but helping people with the CLUTTER that is getting in the way of their life.  This is how it works...

Jo Kingston, owner of Cluttergone has helped over 200 clients. My whole life, I have always got a buzz from helping others organise and declutter. Many years ago, I was searching for a change in direction in my career. Something with more purpose that involved helping others. I happened to pick up a magazine and read an article on decluttering. At that moment, I knew this is what I wanted to do. I'm delighted I have been given the opportunity to make a difference to other people, offering practical hands on and emotional support to enhance people's lives.

Cluttergone is very proud of our team of Consultants. They come from a wide variety of different backgrounds. All of our Consultants share a passion for decluttering and organising. All of our Consultants are DBS police checked and have insurance.

Owner Jo Kingston - London and some parts of Essex
Jo Watson - Hampshire and surrounding areas
Catherine Zeregbe - Somerset and West Country
Eunice Musa - Kent and some parts of London/Surrey
Katharine Steer - East Sussex
Caroline Williams - Merseyside, parts of Midlands and Wales
Hannele MacNaughton - Yorkshire and north of England
Sonia Allen - Lincoln, Leicestershire, parts of Yorkshire, Norfolk, Sheffield, Nottingham, Derby, Coventry, parts of Midlands, Bedfordshire, Northamptonshire, Suffolk, Huntingdon, Cambridge
Susan North - Newcastle upon Tyne, the North East, Cumbria, Scottish Borders

Please enquire if you don't see your area covered as we may still be able to help you.


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