Q. Do you have any testimonials?

A. Yes. Lots!  Read a sample below......


Dear Beverly

I just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you so much for sending Annie to help me out. What a fabulous lady she is - such good fun, so down to earth and so brilliant at helping with the process of reclaiming my space.

Two sessions down and another one booked....amazing. What a brilliant way to start the weekend. Husband and family thrilled.

Kind regards

Sarah, Hook, Hampshire


Dear Beverly,

I'd like to pass along my thoughts on Cluttergone and Isabelle's help:

For years I'd never quite felt 'at home' or comfortable in my own flat (despite owning it with my partner). I also felt quite powerless to change it. I realised I needed 'help', and that I couldn't face what (in my mind) was a behemoth task, on my own.

It was really wonderful to have Isabelle's kind, sensitive and understanding assistance. I felt a bit embarrassed to reveal our messy, disorganised home, but she was kind and patient.

She was really dedicated to our family's cause and even when we slowed in momentum, was really good at urging us on.

At Isabelle's suggestion, we did a one-day kitchen renovation project. It was really fun. I've learned that you don't have to have loads of money to refresh something - creating something cheap and chic using your creativity & imagination can be just as good.

It was really lovely to get to know her on a personal level too, as we shared many common interests (fashion/art/design). For me, it was just as therapeutic to have a coffee and chat as it was to sort out the shelves! I have really appreciated her positivity and encouragement.

Overall its been a really big learning experience and I've since thought about living environments in a completely new light. They really do  have power, and it is a great service you're doing - going right into  homes, and helping unburden people from unwanted/uneeded clutter.

We actually moved out of our flat a month ago and have immigrated overseas to the States. It was a really hard/emotional experience getting rid of everything. Packing and stacking, sorting, giving away....at times I felt like I was a ghost looking in at my funeral! Now, a month and half later I can't even recall the objects we had.

Going ahead I want to have regular clean-outs. A system where things can flow, so we can enjoy them before passing them on again. One of the best tips Isabelle gave me was to enjoy and read a book, and then give it on - pass it to a friend you think would enjoy it too.

I wish you and all your team the very best. I've already recommended Cluttergone personally to friends, as well as on the blog website (http://www.babyloveslondon.blogspot.co.uk) - long may it prosper!

Many thanks & kind regards
Lindsey Dupler


Hi Beverly

The decluttering was wonderful! We now have a 2nd row of coat hooks up in that cupboard so the children can hang up their own coats. Hubby has put 6 vacuum bags of his clothes up into the loft, and has put up rows and rows of shelves in the garage which are now filled with organised "junk"!

The day spent with you really spurred us on to get on and tackle the rest of the house, so a huge huge thank you! It's transformed our lives, and taken a huge lot of stress off my shoulders!

Many thanks again

Steff, Suffolk - Children's Entertainer


Hello Beverly

Just a short message to say a huge thank you for the service you have provided. Caroline arrived at 10.00am prompt and except for Lunch and a cup of tea, worked solidly through till 6.00pm. In that time she cleared all the clutter and redesigned the drawer/cupboard space to better use. The overall results are amazing. I have my back room and study back now never to be cluttered again.

Thank you so very much for providing such an excellent service. Please pass on my, ‘thanks again’, to Caroline too.

Kind regards,

Ian, Lytham St Anne's - Retired ------------------------------------------------------------------------

I just wanted to pass on my thanks to Chrystine.

She has really helped me start the task of organising our house. Just having someone to help you work through things in a 'non-judgemental' way has been incredibly helpful for me.

I know that this is just the start of the journey as it takes years for 'clutter' to build up and it will take a lot for the 'behaviour' to change in our busy household - but it's great to get started.  I can now see the floor of my study and I have found clothes that I had forgotten about. The trick for me will be to try and keep things moving along even when I am back at work - some challenge I am sure!

Anyway I just wanted to be sure that the message got to Chrystine that I have really appreciated the time she spent with me - it was very worthwhile. I am now quite proud of my wardrobe and new box files!

Ann, Surrey - new mum returning to work


Hi Beverly,

I am so please I heard about the service you provide via Radio 4 and, that I called you ASAP.....

So energized by your first visit, have continued the clear out, starting with the storage space in my bedroom, Now only using about half the space.... Hooray

Have contacted the council to take away the defunct printer and unwanted venetian blind. Have contacted a restoration service to treat my German, 'Arts and Crafts' dining chairs to some tender, loving care.  When done, can then rid myself of the piano stool... Yes/Yes/YES!!!

There is loads of unwanted, but useful, items to be taken to the nearest charity shop......

Have left all the paper work till your next visit, on Tuesday, as you are THE EXPERT on what I need to keep and what I may throw away...

It has been such a tonic and so liberating, I do so feel I can think clearly now.

You have made my week and so helped me on my road out of a depression....

Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!!!!

Ray, London - Retired administrator

Note from Beverly: I wasn't actually on Radio 4, but they did have a programme about decluttering!


Please pass on my thanks to Annie, who did a fantastic job on Saturday.  This woman is a human dynamo! She has really helped me start to free up some space in my home. I'm very glad I had her round to help.

The thing that impressed me with Annie was that she was so clearly non-judgemental about the mess she saw and that she was very practical in dealing with it.  Just what I needed in fact.

I am so impressed that I've already recommended Cluttergone to one of my friends, who also lives in a world of clutter.

I'll see how I get on now, continuing the process myself, but I may be getting back to you...

Kate, Wiltshire


Hi Chrystine

You might be interested to know that, following the second meeting with Dr Peter Jones at the end of June, the National Library collected my father's archive from my storage unit last week. The filing cabinet was full and there were nine archive boxes, including three boxes of books. I continued the excellent work you had started in going through the archive and, with my wife's help, went through all the remaining material. You'll be pleased to know that we removed very little of it prior to collection by the Library.

Peter is confident that the City Records Office will be interested in my Aunt's material so I am taking her archive boxes from my storage unit to my house, where I keep the rest of her archive. Peter has said that the Library will collect the archive and transport it to the Records Office on one of their runs. The storage unit material will then be down to around two and a half racks. The next stage is for me to finish working out what I want to keep of my own stuff. I intend to reduce it to no more than one rack's worth, which I will keep in the garden shed. I have just had the leaky shed re-roofed with that in mind!

You may be amused to see the separate email I have forwarded to you giving the storage company notice to terminate my contract with them as of the end of August. There's something very satisfying about typing that word 'terminate' when it means that I'll no longer be paying out the ludicrous sum of over £200 a month to store all that paperwork. (The word probably subconsciously reminds me of my childhood liking for the Daleks in Dr Who and their cry of 'exterminate'.) It's thanks to you that I have got to the stage where it is possible for me to finish with the storage unit.

Thanks so much for your invaluable help with the decluttering process and in initiating the most fruitful contact with Peter at the National Library. Who knows, I may yet be calling on you again for help in thinning out the rest of my own clutter. For the moment, I'm going to see if I can continue the process myself.

Very best wishes, Frank

Frank, retired businessman


I am e-mailing you to let you know that Heather did a fantastic job yesterday - I have woken up to a more efficient, tidy house - something I have dreamed about for a long time!!!

Heather worked with and supported me in a very professional and friendly way - thank you very much - my weekends will never be the same again .... all good of course!

Ellen, Sutton Coldfield - Full time nurse


THANK YOU for our wonderful day of de-cluttering. 

My husband was absolutely amazed by the sight of our bedroom, and even more amazed that when he and the kids tipped all their skiing kit out on the floor, I felt the need to wash it all and put it away within three days, to avoid it spoiling my new room...!  Ten days on, and the room still looks just as when you left it!

I will contact you again to book a paperwork de-cluttering day or two in the not too distant future!

Six weeks later.....

Since Chrystine came and "Cluttergoned" my bedroom during the school holidays, it has remained almost as pristine as the moment she left!

As a result, my husband is converted to the concept, and would be happy for me to have a session or two to attack our disastrous paperwork situation.  When can you come?

E Smith (London) - Mum of young children


What you did has transformed my life, business and home.  It enabled me to clear away years of unwanted possessions - possessions that I may say I had been blaming my husband for hoarding.  When you and I actually looked at them, 95% of them were mine !!!.  Having de-cluttered has made me able to get my house tidy again and I now have a weekly cleaner who comes in and keeps my home looking wonderful.

Thank you again, it would not have been possible without you and I would recommend you to anyone who needs a similar service.

Kathryn - Small business owner who works from home.  In two sessions she cleared an amazing 52 bags of clutter!


Many thanks to Cluttergone, and particularly Chrystine, for the clearing session yesterday.  She was incredibly calm and patient as we worked through all the dreaded piles of stuff in the study where it wasn't really possible to study any more. This morning I got up and looked into the room -- and the study was still tidy!  I now have a space in which I can work, which is a wonderful thing.  And I've got some very clear next steps so that I can keep chipping away at the bags and boxes. My husband has been great about his files being packed up -- they are of course completely findable. My kids are impressed that I took action.

But the most important thing of all is that I now have a room in which I can finish the work on my project. Thank you!

Lucy - University Lecturer


Beverly is amazing.  She has completely transformed my life.  When she first come to help me, I was a fraught and frazzled mother of two who didn't know where to begin to sort things out after a period of illness.

Beverly has helped me to clear the backlog of papers, clutter, toys and other belongings and my house has been completely transformed.  Not only has the clutter gone, but my life now runs so much more smoothly, everything has a place and Beverly has given me hints and strategies to cope with life as the mother of small children.  My life is easier and my head clearer!

I cannot recommend Beverly highly enough - she is wonderful, and a real professional to boot.

Sara, mum to two daughters, 4 & 1


Beverly, thanks once more for such a productive day on Saturday. It's really made me feel so much better.

I have someone coming to pick up the computer this afternoon, and the exercise machine is going tomorrow evening. Just off to the dump with all the cardboard.

Looking forward to seeing you again at our next visit.

Tess, an HR manager, after we spent a day clutter clearing her living room, dining room and understair cupboard. 


Thank you for being such an inspiration primarily to me, though to my friend too, and particularly to 'my' flat!  You have begun a long and hard job.  I really think it was you opening a very tight door (in more ways than one!) on a difficult problem - thank you for having the wherewithal to show me the way.

Perhaps if everything really becomes too much for me I will call for your help again.  Please be sure you will receive an outstanding recommendation from me with whomever I speak.

Olga, a Medical Secretary after sucessfully reclaiming an unused bedroom.


What a wonderful lady.  Beverly arrived after a long trip, full of energy, practical advice, and the positive know-how to overcome the paralysis of starting to sort through many many years of paperwork.  Supportive and helpful in many other ways, I could not have done it without her!!

Lynne, after starting to clear, sort and file paperwork from three countries and over six years.


18 Years into 10 Boxes.....Beverly took on the monumental job of de-cluttering our six bedroom home prior to us putting the house on the market.  We had accumulated 18 years of clutter.  Beverly worked with humour, common sense and passion to see the task completed.  The magic worked, the house looked spick and span and was sold within 72 hours of being put on the market.  Thanks Beverly, a great job well done!

Peter, a teacher who received three offers on the house within 3 days.


Thank you for your help in making me 'move on'.  I felt a lot stronger for the experience.  Keep up the good work!  Yours gratefully

Ann, a retired administrator, after reclaiming her spare room and clearing two wardrobes.


Thank you again so much for your help.  The day we spent together helped in more ways that you realised … I’ve actually given up smoking!!!! 

I was going to pop out that evening to get some cigaretts and was so tired I couldn’t be bothered.  The next day, I felt so liberated (does that sound corney?) that I thought I’ll see how long I can be without a fag in hand … and here we are almost two weeks later and I haven’t had one!  I've also cleared at least 3 more bags for charity …. !!!! 

Lynda, Personal Assistant, after a day clearing 7 bags for charity and 3 bags of rubbish before moving house.


It's been brilliant going through it all with you, you're so supportive and easy going, which makes the whole thing much easier to get on with. Thanks so much for your help and wisdom. Down to earth and no nonsense - just as I like it! 

Simon, Dispensing Optician, after clearing 10 bags from a wardrobe in just four hours!


I have started to get myself more in shape, finding info is so much easier - no more horrible 'filing' habits. Thank you so much - you have possibly saved my sanity!! 

Julie Hayward - Wedding Organiser


You really do offer a wonderful service.  I have always had a problem with clutter and over the years had stopped using one of the living rooms.  I didn't realise how much it was getting me down until after we worked together - now I feel so much better. Thank you very much. 

Mrs Wheatley, Retired Physiotherapist


Beverly gave me the confidence to clear out clutter with a clear conscience.  It's amazing how much you can clear in short session.  I now feel motivated to carry on the good work throughout the house. 

Heather, Nurse and mum



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