Catherine Zeregbe covers Somerset, Devon, Dorset and parts of Cornwall, Gloucestershire and Wiltshire.

At home, one afternoon in her early teens, Cath remembers finding herself drawn to and then engrossed in the process of organising and editing the overcrowded and largely out of date herb and spice cupboard in her family's kitchen.

During her 20s, having trained as a Montessori Nursery Teacher, she found her strengths, in fact, lay in creating order out of chaos in the staff room. Year's worth of under-used teaching materials resurfaced and the space became far more efficient and easy to use.

Before teaching Cath obtained a degree in Embroidered Textile Design, so alongside her sense of spatial awareness she appreciates the importance of aesthetics in the home environment. There are those that preach 'less is more' but Cath's own feeling is that if one knows what one has and importantly where it is, life becomes easier. Her own home is full of interesting objects and useful stuff but everything has a place.

Cath has twin boys, now in their 20s and with them she has moved several times in London and Somerset where she is now settled. She splits her time between Decluttering, Gardening for regular clients and Sewing, favouring alterations and repairs but also creating patchwork quilts which she endeavours to sell in aid of various charities.

Cath also has first hand experience and understanding of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and also Depression having cared for friends and family members suffering from both.