Jo Kingston covers London and some parts of Essex, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Kent and Surrey.

Jo Kingston worked in offices for 20 years for large companies including BBC, NHS, Columbia Pictures and London Zoo. This gave her lots of experience being organised and the ability to work under pressure and deal with lots of people from different backgrounds. 

When working for the NHS, she often listened to people who suffered with conditions such as depression and ADHD.

Her voluntary work included working with people with disabilities at a horse riding school, which was recognised by the Mayor of Southend.

Her passion for helping people also extends to animals. For a while, she was a Dog Behaviourist, helping both owners and animals overcome distressing situations.

She was a Landlord which required being efficient, creating homely spaces and juggling lots of things at once to get results. Bringing calm where there was chaos.

She also has an interest in Reiki and has helped ease stresses and ailments for friends and family.

She has found her vocation being a Declutter Consultant. Utilising all the skills over the years and helping people get their lives back to where they want them to be. She believes our homes are a place to feel comfortable, happy, spacious and a haven away from the stresses of life.

Jo has featured on Channel 5 programmes 'Hoarder in the House' offering advice.