Caroline Williams covers Cheshire, Greater Manchester, Lancashire, Merseyside, West Yorkshire, North Wales, Staffordshire, West Midlands.

Caroline started out in the travel industry. She then went on to live and work in both Spain and Switzerland, and has visited many other countries.

In the mid 90s Caroline studied Interior Design and Decor and progressed into using these skills to transform rooms and furniture with make overs. However, as much as she enjoys this side of her work she finds the greatest sense of achievement in helping people clear their clutter and has a great success record.

Caroline is an organised, energetic, enthusiastic individual who is highly motivated. She has excellent interpersonal skills and shows great commitment and drive in her work. She is empathetic and caring.

Caroline has several years experience as a Personal Carer on a one to one basis and also works with Holistic Therapies.

Caroline holds:

Level 3 Diploma in Design and Craft

Centre Certificate in Interior Design

SNHS Diploma in Colour Therapy

Certificate in Feng Shui Coaching (Marie Claire Carlisle)

Noble Manhatten Certificate in Life coaching and a range of Complementary Therapies